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Jul 12 13 7:27 PM

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Hello all. I am a bit far from all of you, all the way up north in Canada but I would love to be a part of this project and contribute in any way that I can. I am in my third year of mechanical engineering technology, currently working (co-op) with remotely operated vehicles (submarines and underwater crawlers). I am hold a pilot's license, have completed a certificate in aeronautics and a BA in political science.

I am a hobby builder of small robots with experience primarily in Arduino. I also built a small 200x200x120cm 3D printer and have considerable experience with their operation and usability.

I hope I can add some value to the club and I look forward to working with all of you!

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Jul 12 13 7:35 PM

Nice to have you on the forum, I hope you will enjoy your stay here at home built airships. I build model airships as a hobby. I fell in love with airships when I was 5. I bought my first hot wheels power blimp and that was what started my fascination with airships.

Blimp'n ain't easy

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